(Mis)labeling Hillary

(MIs)labeling Hillary artist's book by Nava Atlas

(Mis)labeling Hillary

Edition of 10, 2008
Archival inkjet printed on rag paper, with clothbound hard covers
11” h X 44” w (open)

In this artist’s book, images of Hillary Clinton appropriated from news articles are teamed with brief comments from news sources, from blogs to mainstream newspapers and magazines. Why did media feel justified in getting so personal, going so far beyond issues and even personality? Reviewing an exhibit in which this piece was part, The Washington Post wrote,“(Mis)labeling Hillary” draws from news accounts of last year’s campaign; spotlighted in this way, sexism (and the artist’s point) is hard to ignore.”

(Mis)labeling Hillary artist's book by Nava Atlas

(Mis)labeling Hillary © 2008 by Nava Atlas