Postal Angst: An Album of Sticky Dilemmas

Postal angst open

Updated September 24, 2022

 Postal Angst: An Album of Sticky Dilemmas

  • Edition of 5, 2012
  • Archival inkjet printed artist’s book on rag paper, concertina binding with cloth hardbound covers.
  • 11” h x 44” w (open)

Postal angst cover

Postal Angst is an artist’s book comprised of constructed stamps, meant to resemble a stamp album. I’ve always loved the visual iconography of postage stamps, which speak of connection, communication, travel, and adventure.

Postal angst partly open

When longing, regret, remorse, and other metal dross emerges as part of cherished iconography (like these faux postage stamps), my “problems” are quickly put into perspective, melancholy is swept away, and I’m able to laugh with (and at) myself.

Postal angst open partially