More Than Art Books, the Books Are the Art

By Tammy La Gorce for the New York Times, New Rochelle, NY. October 5, 2012. The book artist Maureen Cummins says she deliberately “snares” viewers by luring them toward an image they’re familiar with. Then she surprises them with information that doesn’t necessarily fit their preconceived notions. “It’s an ambush approach — a way of engaging people when you want to explore something difficult,” said Ms. Cummins, 49, of High Falls.

Gallery at College of New Rochelle

Art by Nava Atlas and Ann Lovett /Credit Librado Romero/The New York Times

Castle Gallery, a three-room space tucked into the campus of the College of New Rochelle, does not lend itself to thoughts of such surprise attacks: its blond wood floors and white walls transmit a breezy, open-air lightness. But since “In Retrospect,” a show that will run through Nov. 4, opened there early last month, artistic ambushes have been occurring daily, said Katrina Rhein, the gallery director.

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